• femengkenya

Day 1 - Take Off

And that’s us off! We began our trip leaving Glasgow at 14:15 on Tuesday the 24th of May, stopping at London Heathrow before continuing to our final destination Nairobi, Kenya.

We were collected by our transfer at the airport, who told us a bit about the local culture, sites to visit and his experience of Nairobi. The journey was exciting, and we noticed a lot of differences from Glasgow. The streets were very busy with people and cars at 7 am in the morning, and although we drive on the same side of the road, it’s safe to say we don’t follow the same Highway Code! Another of the differences we noticed was that local vendors sell many items on the road, where vehicles make way for them, and drivers also stop to purchase goods. To avoid as much business, you can take the highway route, which has charges compared to the general roads that build up traffic easy, especially during rush hour.

We arrived at our accommodation at 9 am and were welcomed by a visit from Loreign Langat, who is also a part of our Glasgow University team and lives in Nairobi. She was able to take us to our first shop to get to know the area and settle into our accommodation. We also had the chance to pick up the remaining materials required for our workshops.

In the evening, Michaela & Kirstin cooked up a lovely meal of sweet potato & chickpea curry for the group, which went down a treat. Following the delicious meal, we played a game of cards to end our first day in Nairobi.