• femengkenya

Day 10 - Reflections

Today we decided to have a reflection on previous days. We assessed each workshop and the schools we visited, discussing what went well and what could be improved for next time. There were workshops we thought worked particularly well with younger children and others we think in future we’d need to schedule more time to complete.

We discussed the schools we plan to visit with the Nairobi girls in the coming weeks. It's important to us that we tailor the workshops to work best for each group of children. We divided up research tasks and created feedback forms so we can analyse the impact we are making and any changes we can make along the way. Finalising all the workshop data allowed us to make a list of all the supplies we will need so we headed off after the meeting to get stocked up. On our way to buy materials, we ended up taking an Uber to the wrong shopping centre. This wasn’t all bad though as Kirstin and I spotted a KFC for a bite to eat!

The evening was spent cutting out paper hands for our bionic hand workshop and typing up briefing sheets for all the workshops so that everybody is able to help with all the workshops. After a tiring day of discussions and admin we are ready for our exciting trip tomorrow.

- Kaitlyn