• femengkenya

Day 12 - Maasai Village

A bright and early start to the day led us out to the national park at 7am. The animals did not disappoint today and put us on quite the show. We speeded out of the camp and into the park to be surprised by a cheetah. It was lying basking in the sun – you can definitely tell it’s a big cat! Though it overcame its laziness to go on a quick walk to the nearby shade, letting us see it in its full glory. As the day continued, we saw more giraffes, elephants, and lions. We also saw a hyena – they are not as evil looking as in the lion king – and a hippo bathing in the river. The safari was an experience we were all so glad to have whilst we were here as it’s probably the only chance many of us will have to do this.

We then headed out to one of the local Maasai villages. The Maasai people in the village still live a very traditional lifestyle and we learned a lot about their culture. They performed their dances to us, showed us how to make fires and let us look around their houses. It was interesting to learn about lives so different to our own. The guide told us about how all the children in the village are born to one father- the chief. He also told us how in the past you had to kill a lion to be married – in more recent years due to conservation efforts it is who can jump highest. We then got taken around their shop where they sell their handmade carvings and jewellery.

Overall, the experience in the village definitely put us outside of our comfort zone, like many other places the people are very eager to sell you things and will follow you around the shop. We also were taken by the hand to join the dances which certainly pushed us to emerge ourselves into the culture more. It is safe to say we probably wouldn’t have joined in otherwise.

After the village, we set off on the long drive back to Nairobi. We spent the evening relaxing and making the final touches to our preparations for the two weeks ahead. We have a lot of schools planned throughout the week from Monday to Saturday and will be kept busy. I’m feeling positive for weeks to come with all we discussed on Friday being put into place. It’s exciting to think about all the children we will be able to impact, and the long-term difference we hope to make. Signing off now for bed.

- Kirstin