• femengkenya

Day 16 - New Day, New School

This morning was kick-started with communications. The school we were visiting was a short walk away, so we did not have to leave until 10:30. We spent the morning together sending emails and completing admin tasks. We then set off to the school.

Today’s school was another primary school. We took on the year sevens and year eights, which amounted to approximately 350 students. Spirits were high as we split into our two teams, straws for the year sevens and bionic hands for the year eights. The children today were less enthusiastic than yesterday, but we still got good feedback from both the students and teachers. As we move forward, we are learning from each other different techniques to pull children out of their shells and let them get the most out of us that they can.

In the afternoon we were off to the shops to stock up on a few workshop supplies then we headed back home. The evening was another busy one – the work never stops! We had a lot of work to do in finance, communications and managing the feedback forms data. We have now reached over 1000 students though and this is motivation to keep us going moving forward. Seeing the positive impact we are making and the eagerness the UoN girls have to continue when we leave is so inspiring. As I keep chanting over and over in all the classrooms, ENGINEERING IS FOR EVERYONE!

- Kirstin