• femengkenya

Day 27 - Celebrations and Goodbyes

A lazy start to the day after our busy week saw myself and the others having a slow breakfast together and enjoying a couple much needed hours of relaxing. Apart from Kaitlyn who got herself busy meeting one of the Nairobi girls to visit the museum and snake park and then spent the rest of the day in town.

The rest of us headed off to the nearest post office in the afternoon to post letters back to our families - aware we would probably get to them before the letters did! We then went for lunch together to celebrate the project and say our final goodbyes to one another. The food was incredible, I think I even saw some tears of happiness as it came out. We then headed back and watched the sunset over Nairobi before spending the evening packing and tying up any loose ends before our (very early!) flight out. It was an emotional day but we were all excited to know we would see our friends and families back home soon.