• femengkenya

Day 4 - Adventures in Nairobi

Our Saturday started with visiting a bookshop before Daphne, Chelsea and Linda from UoN showed us the Maasai market. Equipped only with small bags, we entered the enclosed area of the many stalls selling jewellery, bowls, clothes, souvenirs and any other accessories you could think of.

The beginning was certainly stressful, as we were unsure of what to say to the vendors approaching us directly. A few minutes of running away, a lot of advice from the girls and some first cautious purchases later, the market drew us in, and we were enthralled by getting the best deals we could.

With new Kenya bracelets around our wrists and full bags in our hands, we finally got some water. The next adventure of the day was a ride on the local buses, the matatu, to the “Home of the Kenya Harlequins”. Without knowing much about the teams, we watched a rugby tournament, but we had so much fun anyway with Chelsea and her family explaining what we needed to know.

After returning home, we finished the day with some homemade pizza on the couch.

- Micha