• femengkenya

Day 7- Gamma Delta Visit

Our first taste of industry in Kenya! A very early start and some not so bushy tails led us to gamma delta for 8 am today. Gamma Delta is a company that provides mechanical and electrical services for buildings. The day kicked off with a presentation about their work from two of their engineers and a question-answer session with their manager. It was so valuable for both us and the girls from Nairobi to hear first-hand about the industry, and women's experiences. They then showed us the technical drawings of a site they were taking us to, so we could see all the work that goes into planning.

We then hopped on the bus to one of their active sites - an eight-story hotel. The hotel is very high end so they had all different types of technologies to show us. We had both an electrical engineer, Irene, and a mechanical engineer, Emmanuel, to show us around. They were both very knowledgeable and patient - putting up with all our questions.

I would like to give a special shout out to Emmanuel for explaining this very cool (to mechanical engineers) pump room.

We also got to go up onto the roof to see all of the solar panels, heat pumps and tanks up there and a view of the whole of Nairobi! Overall today was so rewarding and I’m very excited to see more of the different industries here in Kenya. Seeing the different industries is so valuable as it lets us see different ways to tackle projects and develops our creative thinking. It’s also very interesting to hear about how environment focused engineering is here, and how their processes differ from back home.

We then came back to the apartment and got to work contacting schools. We want to reach as many children as possible whilst we are here so we’re continuing to make plans as we go. Signing off now for an evening of poster making and good food.