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Project Manager

3rd Year Aeronautical Engineering

Kaitlyn Rodger

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Logistics & Planning

1st Year Mechanical Engineering

Loreign Langat


Logistics & Planning

2nd Year Civil Engineering

Cleopatra Pierides


Workshop Coordinator

3rd Year Biomedical Engineering

Michaela Merkova


Social Media & Graphics

3rd Year Civil Engineering

Ruby Winter

Social Media & Graphics

4th Year Product Design Engineering

Ellie Thomson

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Micha (2)_edited.jpg
Kristen (2)_edited.jpg


4th Year Biomedical Engineering

Robyn Watt

Sponsorship & Grants

2nd Year Mechanical Engineering with Aeronautics

Micha Benz

Sponsorship & Grants

2nd Year Mechanical Design Engineering

Kirstin Veitch

Meet The Team

Pioneering project led by a team of 9 students from University of Glasgow collaborating with 10 students from the University of Nairobi encouraging more women into STEM

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